Thursday, January 26, 2012

101 WAYS to show you love him/her!

101 WAYS

to show you love somebody
(without having sex)
 (of course by marrying him/her - haram sentuh org yg bukan mahram, okey?)

We did together in the ticks! 
Hope this will give you all ideas to love your love one 

You may read this:

✔ Tell the other person that you love them
✔ Give or get a hug
✔ Make sure the other person feels important and respected
✔ Kiss when people are looking
✔ Kiss when people aren't looking
✔ Tell the other person that you care
✔ Hold hands
     Go for a long bike ride
✔ Give a special present
✔ Be there when they need a friend
✔ Spend time together
✔ Go to see a film
✔ Walk arm in arm in the woods
     Make a special tape of love songs
✔ Talk about your feelings
✔ Share dreams with each other
✔ Snuggle up together
✔ Sit together in the park
✔ Take a walk together
✔ Go out for a meal
✔ Have a picnic
     Play a game of frisbee
✔ Give compliments
     Relax in a jacuzzi
✔ Go swimming
✔ Just be close
✔ Go shopping for food
✔ Cook a meal together (we do this, always)
✔ Touch each other in a loving way
✔ Do homework together
✔ Plan and go on a trip together
✔ Throw a party together (birthday party kira tak?)
✔ Bake a cake
✔ Go to the library (bookshop, kira tak?)
      Browse in a museum (belum pernah pergi muzium sama-sama)
✔ Just be there
✔ Find out what's special for the other person - and do it
✔ Exercise together
✔ Gaze at each other
✔ Wash each other's cars (or bikes !)
     Go fishing
✔ Talk to each other
✔ Listen to worries
✔ Cut each other's toenails
✔ Choose a special favourite song
✔ Listen to joys
✔ Hold one another close
✔ Catch their eye
✔ Write one another letters
✔ Talk on the telephone
✔ Trust one another
✔ Give or receive a ring
✔ Meet each other's family
     Go hiking together
✔ Make sacrifices for each other
✔ Send chocolates
✔ Respect each other
     Go for a moonlight walk
✔ Hide a love note where the other will find it
✔ Give each other sexy looks
✔ Write a poem
✔ Send flowers
     Eat dinner by candlelight
     Go to a concert (Tak suka konsert, erk)
     Watch the sunrise together
✔ Remember anniversaries
✔ Give each other pet names
✔ Go sightseeing
✔ Rent/buy a video
✔ Do things for each other without being asked
✔ Propose marriage
✔ Whisper something nice into the other's ear
✔ Be best friends
✔ Have fun together
✔ Go out dancing (Joget dalam bilik je pun ok)
✔ Play music together
✔ Flirt with each other
✔ Laugh at something funny together
✔ Be faithful
✔ Impress each other
     Make a list of things you like about each other
     Read a book and discuss it
✔ Meet each other's friends
     Go horse riding
✔ Cook each other's favourite food
✔ Find out what makes each other happy
     Make presents for each other
✔ Wash each other's hair
     Watch the sunset
✔ Go for a bus trip
     Have a request played on the radio
    Send a funny card
✔ Share your plans for the future
✔ Play footsie
✔ Share private jokes
✔ Think about each other
✔ Find out what makes the other sad
     Go skating
     Swap rings
✔ Share an ice-cream
✔ Have your picture taken together

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