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Laila Majnu Ki Play - Part 1

I put the videos of Laila Majnu play from film Aaja Nachle.
It is my favourite part of this film.
The story really touched my heart even I watched the film 2 or 3 times before.
The lyrics are perfect!
Every time I watched it, I feel to cry and....sometimes I do.

Some information about this film.

Film Title: Aaja Nachle
Year Produced: 2007
Director: Anil Mehta
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Actors: Madhuri Dixit, Konkona Sen Sharma, Akshaye Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Ranvir Shorey
Music: Salim-Sulaiman

Part 1

Song: Insaan tu, allah hu, naadaan tu, allah hu.
Insaan tu naadaan tu, hairaan tu anjaan tu.
you are human, you are innocent

Ki Sun khuda ka gad gadaata aaj ek elaan tu,
 tuney mere sansaar ko, mur dey ke jaisa kar diya,
 haan kar diya, haan kar diya.
listen, you are roaring declaration of the Lord himself,
 you've made my world like a corpse

Ki dekh dikhlata hoon mein, do dil yeh seena chaaq kar,
mein do deewaane bhejta, teri zameene paaq kar. (Chorus)
let me show you two hearts in my heart, let me send two lovers on your earth

Inki kahaani ko zamaana, kab talaq haan gaayega,
ki jab talaq mein hosh mein wapas nahin aajaayega.
world will repeat their story until it I gain conscience and come back

Tu jaanle teri zameen pe maine ki pagh dhar diya,
haan dhar diya, haan dhar diya.
listen o ye, I've stepped on your earth

Narrator: Yeh har nagri ki baat yaar, yeh har koonche ki baat yaar
(It’s a story about a town)
par kis nagri ki kaunsa kuja theek thaak malum nahi
(But which town and where, we do not know)

Jo baat hume maaloom who yeh, keh rehte dono saath saath
(What we know is that they used to be together),
who din ho yah ke raat raat
(Be it night or day),
par kis nagri ki kaunsa kuja, theek thaak malum nahi
(But what day, or what night, that we do not know).

Jo baat hume malum who yeh, keh Aalim, Faasil, Qaabil jab kehte they usko cheeq cheeq, keh sabaq khudaayi ka padhle, O na muraad le sikh sikh!
(What we do know is that the teacher would often ask them, “learn the lesson of God!).

Teacher: Ki likhde tu allah! (That you must write “Allah!”)

Narrator: Who likhta tha Laila! (He would write “Laila!”)

Teacher: Arey main bola Allah! (Oh god, I said Allah!)

Narrator: Laila, Laila, Laila!

Teacher: Arey do zakhm mein jaayega tu kya Laila Laila karta hai!
Ek haard maas ki puthli ka, allah se mela karta hai!
(May you be wounded in two that you utter Laila, Laila. 
For you claim that an unworthy child is of greater importance than the Lord?)

Tu haat badaa (show me your palm), tadh tadh (hit, hit),
abh duja bhi (A second time), tadh tadh, tadh tadh tadha ta……….

Young Laila: Na maaro, chot lagti hai na maaro. Na maaro, chot lagti hai na maaro.
(Please don’t strike! It pains, please do not strike!)

Chun mun si qaapti hatheli (palm) dekho, puchkaaron, chot lagti hai naa maaro
(Look at this small trembling palm. Relieve him, please don’t strike).

Laila’s Mother: Arey ajab ajab yeh kudrat hai yah sheitaanon ki harqat hai
(how strange is this. this is an act of devils.)

Ke chote se aur dardon se ke khoon behta hai iska sag mein
(That these little ones are suffering and shedding blood).

Yeh khoon ka hai hai saasoon se.

Laila’s Father: Par jaado tonah anhoni, na jaane iske paas usse
(He’s a magician, do not go near him!)

Chorus: Inko door door le jaao, inko door door le jaao 4X
(take them apart, separate them)

Majnu’s Father: Yeh alaapaana ka tona hai, yah bhoot praet ki karni hai?
(Is it evildoing, or is it a witchcraft?)

Arey bhula maul bhi baasu they, dhaaga kaala ban paaoge
(Call someone to protect them.)

Chorus: Inko door door le jaao 4X
(take them apart, separate them)

Laila’s Mother: Door je jaao... (Take them away from one another).

Song: Patang sang udd gaya bachpan… jhanak jhanak mann, dagar suhani re…
(the childhood flew away like a kite…now the mind is a playful lot, on life’s beautiful tracks…)
ladakpan aaya ab to kasak masak, re kya mastaani re…
(youth dawned upon me, with a hustle-bustle so enchanting…)
arre kyun haaye, jawaani ki hoti hai yehi nishaani re…
(oh! why does youth have to be symbolised with this craziness…)
ke chitvan tirchi tirchi hui jaaye, haan aayi jawaani re..
(that the body becomes a great sight! yes! youth dawned upon me…)
hoye, jawaani aayi…
(youth dawned…)
saath mein laayi…
(and something came along…)
pawan ke sang sang…
(… along with the wind…)

har ang chale hitchkole leke-
(each part of my body sways with joy,)
gagan ke rang se, urre hain takreer…
(the skies themselves seem to be playing with us…)
lagee umraahi… chali purvaai…
(the trees bear fruits… the wind turns into a gust…)
main hun tera Romeo tu meri hai wahi Juliet…
(now that I am your Romeo, and you are my Juliet…)
arre main Ranjha tera, tu meri hai Heer…
(hey! I am your Ranjha and you are my Heer…)
soniye mil ja mele mein, ke iska naam jawaani – aaha!
(O beloved! meet me in the fair, which goes by the name of ‘youth’…)
ke jo na main hun tere sang to phir kis kaam jawaani – oho!
(coz if I am not with you, then what good is your youth…)
arre wo nahi jaante hoti hai jis kaam jawaani – aaha!
(the others don’t know what your youth is worth truly…)
tabhi to hoti hai har baar ye badnaam jawaani – aaha!
(the very reason that they bring a bad name to the youth…)
sohniye mil ja mele mein… (- ke iska naam jawaani – aaha!)
(O beloved! meet me at the fair… which goes by the name of ‘youth’…)

arre Khurja ke khurchan… arre Mathura ke pede…
(the delicacies from Khurja and Mathura…)
rewari Meerut wali, chaat daree baanki laayega – aaha!
(and the sweets from Meerut, will you bring all this for me?…)
arre main hukum karoon to,
(hey, If I order you …)
door Arab se, poora baagh khajoor laad ke
(to bring plamdates from the distant Arab lands…)
aangan mein bharpoor, tu mere lagvayegaa…
(will you bring and plant all of them in my lawns for me?…)
arre, lagvaaunga, lagvaaunga, lagvaaunga…
(hey! of course I will, of course I will….)

hey! Banaras ke ikke mein…
(hey! we’ll enjoy the ghats of Benaras…)
ho Ganga peer chalenge…
(on the pilgrimage to that holy city…)
barf ki dhoop soonghne..
(and to smell the sunlight on snow…)
arre Kashmir chalenge!
(we’ll travel to the heaven called Kashmir…)
arre kaise bhi hon haalaat,
(no matter what might be the condition,)
ke tujhko ghuma laaun Baghdad,
(I‘ll make sure you’ll enjoy the trip to even Baghdad…)
ye mera waada jaanam…
(such is a promise – my love that is…)
arre ye chunri Bikaner,
(and this chunri from Bikaner…)
ke surma, jhumka, mehndi dher,
(will put eyeliner, earrings, and henna to shame…)
ye mera waada jaanam…
(such will be it’s colour – my love that would be…)

to phir tu mil ja mele mein, ke iska naam jawaani – aaha!
(so then! see you in the fair which goes by the name of ‘youth’)
nahi ye chhotta maslaa, bohat badaa hai kaand jawaani – aaha!
(it ain’t a small issue, it’s a big scandal, this youth…)
arre ye sarpat sarpat ghori meri chaal jawaani – aaha!
(and my body language is itself a crazy mane thse days…)
arre ye ghar ki murgi, nahi ye chhutta saand jawaani – aaha!
(it isn’t a pet hen, it’s a free raging buffalo, this youth…)
soniye mil jaa…. (- mele mein, ke iska naam jawaani – aaha!)
(ke jo na main hun tere sang to phir kis kaam jawaani – oho!)/ soniye mil jaa….
soniye mil ja mele mein, ke iska naam jawaani – aaha!

is pal main hoon, ya tum bhi ho
(am i alone in this love filled moment, or is it you too)
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain
(or, are we both in this moment, yet lost in each other)
kyon ho kya ho, ho bhi ki naa ho
(are we really in this moment, if so, how and why)
ya kehna sun-na manaa hai
(or should silence overtake, the precious moments together)
is pal main hoon ya tum bhi ho
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain


Anonymous said...

Where's part 2?

syazana said...

Check on the list on the left on this post..

Anonymous said...

part 2 plz???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tina Adur said...

what is the name of that first song with the lyrics "Insaan tu, allah hu, naadaan tu, allah hu"
I cant find it anywhere online or on YouTube :(

Tina Adur said...

what is the name of that first song with the lyrics "Insaan tu, allah hu, naadaan tu, allah hu"
I cant find it anywhere online or on YouTube :(

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