Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Not?

Why I am not using contact lens?
Beee--cooozzzz, contact lens is not safe to me, to my eyes.
I always having a dirty hand, holding dirt, dust and else and I always sure that my hand is always full of dirt, bacteria and etc.
So I never trust my finger to put contact lens on my eyes.
Aw.....soooooo not confident.
So I prefer spectacles or not wearing any.
Almost of my time, I never use my spectacles.
I started using spectacles when I was in Standard 6.
In Standard 5, I always tried to wear my friend's spectacles and the results?
I suffer long-sightedness! Plus the glare.

Padan muka! Ha-ha-ha-ha [gelak sakit hati]

P/S ; Gambar tu saye guna spectacles yg takde power pn. Untuk pakai saje² bole le. My actual spectacles bukan macam ni and saye ade 2 spectacles. Huhuu....takmo pakai...

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