Friday, December 3, 2010

Tutor - Restricted Phone for Nokia - How To Solve It

If your Nokia stated "Phone restricted" and then it asked for the restriction code, you can do it here by CLICK HERE!

or if you want to do it manually..

Unlocking Procedure for Phones

1-- Before trying anything else, contact your service provider and ask for an unlock code. Usually, if you've been a customer of theirs for some time, they will provide you with an unlock code for free. This is, by far, the best way to get your phone unlocked.

2-- Download software to generate the unlocking code. Software is available on some websites for free and some pay websites that also offer support if things go wrong. See external links below.

3-- Find the Serial number of the cell phone, also known as your IMEI number. This can be done by either removing the back of your cell phone and looking underneath the battery, or simply by typing in *#06# into your cell phone. It should be something like: 010082321439976/07951780736

4-- Using the software you have downloaded, enter in your Manufacturer (which is in this case Nokia), and sliding the card out. Put the battery back in and power the phone on.

5-- You will see a message "Insert SIM Card". Enter all of the characters you see in your code, including the # symbols. To get a 'p' press * 3 times, to get a '+' press the * key 2 times, to get a 'w' press the * key 4 times. Disregard any spaces in the code.

Enter the 15 digit Network Unlock Code as follows:
#pw+ followed by the 15-digit unlock code then +1#

For example: #pw+123456789012345+1#

The keypad will only allow you to enter numeric digits.

To enter p, press the * (star) key three times.
To enter w, press the * (star) key four times.
To enter +, press the * (star) key two times.

In order to unlock your phone you generally need to enter only one code. Start with the first one. If your phone is not unlocked by typing the first code (MCC+MNC), use code "7" (Multilock)

7-- The phone will display "Phone restriction off?". The handset is now unlocked.

or Once you have finished entering a code that works you should see a message that says "SIM is not restricted" or "Restriction off" message depending on your model. If not, try entering another code. Message "Cannot undo restrictions" means the phone is "hard-locked" and cannot be unlocked by code.

I should add that you only get 5 attempts at unlocking with a code, after that it locks you out for good, and its a NCP (Nokia Care Point) thats required after that. (Thanks shunts)

Note: Removing the SIM restriction does not remove the network branding.

Extra INFO: Restriction code/Restriction password:

1-- The restriction code or restriction password may be required when using some network services, such as call restriction service. Note that not all network operators support such service.

2-- If your device display "Enter restriction code" when you insert a new SIM card, it means that your device has been locked to use a certain operator's network and it does not accept SIM cards from other operators.

3-- Contact your network operator or service provider for assistance.


Extra INFO: What is IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Idendity) number

IMEI Number

The IMEI number is the unique serial number on your phone. The unlocking codes are generated partly by that number. This is why it is crucial that it is correct. An incorrect IMEI will result in an incorrect code calculation.

The IMEI number of your phone can be found underneath the battery on the Nokia label. It is a 15 digit number. It should look something like: 123456/78/901234/5

Another way you can find out your IMEI number is by keying in *#06# on your phone. It will then display the 15 digit number on your screen. This is an easier way and more reliable way of finding out the number, especially if you have bought the phone second hand.

Important! If you do not know or forget any of these codes, always contact your network operator or service provider.

P/S; My Nokia 6280 still cannot be open until now. S***!

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