Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight Obsession

I am not going to be obes.
And I am not fat.
I am over weight.

One of my friends said that I obsessed on weight.
Yeah, of course because this the worst weight I ever had. Nearly 70 kilos.
Wahhh....sooooooooo heavy.

[When I was 18]
[I am NOW]

I read from an article about "Blood Type Diet".
You can refer this link,

I am in Blood A's group. And the diet profile is supposed a vegetarian.
It is mean I am only can eat vegetables, fruits, tofu, beans, grains and some seafood.
Eh? Vegetarian or pectarian [fish eater]?

If I follow that diet, I should be 51.8 kilos this month...but..but...I can't!
Too many attraction into food! I am food lover. Haha.
But the most important, I need to avoid meat, chicken, and.....dairy? Aiyooooo....

P/S; When will I lost weight? "Time machine, please turn me into my last weight 5 years back. Now." Hahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

anyway..nice pic u have when u 18th..

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