Monday, July 26, 2010

I nearly cried...but actually, really cried.

Hahahhaa...what it is all about?
About the 5 minutes cartoons in Pixar movie, "Up" without a words and it's really touched me and my boyfie. We cried over this scene which showing the relationship between the characters name are Carl and his wife Ellie, from the scene they were getting married until Ellie suddenly becomes ill and die.

What so significant between me and Yayang to these Carl and Ellie is the character.
Carl is a shy and quiet boy which is the same as Yayang, accept he is wearing a spectacle.
While Ellie is an energetic and talkative girl which is the same as me.
They love to capture pics and of course, same like us!

Specky Yayang as same as Carl

You can watch this 4 minutes clips of Carl's and Ellie's married life. Soooooo sweet. They grow old together.
But poor them, they are unable to have children.

P/S ; These 2-3 days I had a fight with Yayang. And he sent me this video through my Facebook inbox. He remembered that! Thank you Yayang. I love you so much.......muchy, muchy.

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