Friday, July 30, 2010

Learn With Passion

Kahavat [a saying] "If you want to do something successfully, do it with with passion and interest. If you do not have it, you will be failed".

Is it true?

Of course! I can proof it to you.

Me, myself and I, is fanatic with Hindi Film Industry. Sorry, I'm not using 'Bollywood Film Industry' because I watched film 'Luck by Chance' where Neena [Dimple Kapadia] mentioned she hate that word, 'Bollywood', so yun hi, I don't want to write it here.
Yes, I am very fanatic since I was at school.
I remembered at that time, I was in Grade 4. There were 'Panggung Sabtu' on television and I never missed that. My mom also one of Bollywood biggest fan in my family. I think, her gene is in me. And that is why I love Hindi movies.
I was always interested into their musics and songs. I learnt Hindi language by myself.
What did I do? I wrote the words from the actors and I copied the meanings in Malay language from the subtitles. And then I compiled the words in a book. I still have that book until now.
I also listened to Hindi movie songs in the radio. At that time, Hindi Power was our favourite [me and mom].
At the same time, I wrote the lyrics of the good songs. I did that continuously until I got the correct spelling.
I continued doing that until I went to Matriculation.
I went to the computer lab to surf and copied or print the lyric of songs. I tried to find the translation.
I practice the language by singing the songs, writing the lyrics, copying the vocabulary, repeat the dialogues and chatting with the Indian who speaks Hindi.

You guess, did I got so much vocabulary by doing that? YES, I DID.
The formula? I learnt first with my passion and interests, and then started by doing mistakes, then I do exercises continuously, refer to the trusted and reliable sources and I correct the errors and mistakes. And I success!

I met a stranger in a bus when I was in the way back to home from my university. He was with his friends. I was very sure that he and his friends are Pakistanis or Indians. I stared at him and we had a little chat. He helped his friend selling carpet in Seremban. His name? I forgot. We changed our phone numbers. [My purpose of doing that is as a research and a practical for me]. When I went back to study, sometimes he called me and we had a conversation in Hindi! My housemates was very suprised when they heard me speaking Hindi fluently. "Haan yaar, main hindi bolti hoon". I myself also was suprised but I was satisfied. And Yayang, don't worry, I lost his number. 

I bought a set of Hindi Language Linguaphone by installment, monthly about RM100. The agents were in the Chancellery Building, UPSI. Mama was angry with me, not really angry but she told me to change the language because I already understand Hindi. But I refused because I paid for it and I wanted this set so much as a kitaab for me to proof I learnt Hindi.

Craziness 1
My heart-beat as same as the nagada [gendang/drums] of the songs. I remembered when I walked on the KL Street and I stopped. It was not because of my leg ached or seeing Shahrukh Khan standing in front of me but because of I heard Hindi songs. When I recognized the songs, then I continued walking. That is one of my craziness.

Craziness 2
My craziness was added. I collected and printed them to be compiled in a file. The file is beside me now. Hahaha. It is from the matriculation until the last semester of study. I stopped collecting because there are many sources now. The internet. I often went to the cyber cafe for searching about Bollywood That is my crazeeeee. I bought PC, and then I have my own pendrive. I downloaded songs and copied it in discs. When I started to work, I bought myself a portable hard disk. The spaces is enough for my things. And I got Streamyx for my own. And the source of Bollywood is always available.

Craziness 3
I collect CDs, DVDs of Hindi movies. I downloaded some of movies. But only me can watch it. Because the movies have no subtitles. I can understand that.

Craziness 4
I surfed internet in matriculation. And then I found a picture of Kareena Kapoor. She was so innocent and pure and since that time I admire her. I like her style and she got awards - Samsung Style Diva IIFA Award. Her birthday is in September, same as me [grinning]. I enjoy watching her in Refugee, Khushi, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Fida, Mujhse Dosti Karogi, Asoka, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, Chup Chupke, Hulchul [she is fat in this film!], Jab We Met [my favourite], Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Kambakht Ishq, Kurbaan, 3 Idiots and many more.

Her pure and innocent

P/S; I am announcing myself as graduated in Hindi language study - all by myself! **wink**

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