Friday, July 23, 2010


I did not care when students in the morning session had a series of hysterical.
But today, my students are in hysteria!
I remembered yesterday, Ustaz Amir has advised students to be more cautious.
Read selawat, avoid the fear and worry. Once he helped on some hysteria cases with other ustaz and one of them told him that in the year of 2010, there will be so much hysteria cases and all spells and magic will be truly happened. Is it true?

I observed and controlled the situation. I asked the other students to stay at the open hall.
I read Ayat Kursi and Selawat. The hysteria students were separated and lying in the different classes.
Actually, I am very sure that some of them are lying and pretending in hysteria.
When they have been threatened or been slapped, suddenly they shut their mouth and stay calm.
Faker, faker, faker.

P/S; I am not so tough. Do you?

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