Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's All About 'First'


1st add; YOU
1st social web; Myspace
1st comment; ME, Apr 7, 2008 8:52 AM

thnx for d add
sori bz sket so lmbt approve
hmm actly da tgk ur pics
wanna kno smthing?
u face r like smone i kno
very very but u r not


nice meeting u here

1st gave phone number; YOU
1st call; ME
1st song; Sempurna - by Andra & The Back Bone
1st meet; In front of my house
1st date; 3 November 2008, your birthday, at JJ S2
1st cake; Indulgence - Secret Recipe
1st attire; Purple in colour, we set that
1st picture capture; 6 November 2008, 3 days after our 1st met
1st declare; 13 November 2008, 10 days after we met
1st travelling together; On Ebal's wedding, to JB
1st time I come to your house; 22 November 2008

P/S; Do you still remember sayang?

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