Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Cats

1----- COMEL

Our first cat I brought home. She is the best cat that we have at that time. I found her at my school. She has flecked fur of black, brown and white in colour. A Calico cat. She also a good mother to her children. But she died after having worm infection. She left her scar mark on my index finger of right hand. She gave birth to Putih [male].


Abus I was brought home by me, found him at school too. He died. And we have no cat at home at all.
And then, Along [my cousin] gave us two kitten. We named them Abus II [male] and Comel II [female]. They were twins. Abus II died long after that. Comel II very fertile and that is why Mama throw her away with her kitten at market.

3----- KUNING

Adik [my youngest brother] found him and he followed my brother to house. He never left and lived with us. Cute cat. His fur was dull brown, fatty like Garfield! Died of infection.

4----- SIMI
Was given by our neighbour. Mama took her home. She was a little kitten, a cute one. Long hair of black and white. She gave birth to many generation. Some of her kittens died of worm infection, lost, one died after accident and others are given to people. Dek Mok, Itam and Kenit are her children. I like to call her name several times until she answers me with 'meoww'. Missed her!

5----- DEK MOK

Cute when he was a little kitten. When he grew up, his fur was always covered with dirt. Dust, oil or waste food from dustbin. We throw him away with Simi and other kitten.

Dek Mok, so comot!

6----- ITAM

He was black, striped. Mackerel Tabby colour pattern. Same as Abus, Abus II and Comel II. I like his fur because it looks a wildcat or tiger. He was my favourite cat. I don't know why, but I think his soul is bond strongly to my heart. I played with him, recorded videos of him and captured his pictures. But one incident that happened to him, really touched my heart. My family and I went out to the town. When we arrived home, I saw him at a corner of living room, sat silently. I took him into my lap but he made sad sound. I found out that his tail was limp. Suddenly I cried for him, I lied next to him. Poor Itam.

           Starts from that, I always spoiled him. He knew when I am home. He recognized my voice. He always answering me with his funny voice. He love to sleep in the day. I teased him when he sleep and I like doing that so that I can hear his funny voice. Until I was posting to Batu Pahat and went home only once a month, so, Itam neglected. Then, I brought him to my house in Batu Pahat. In the first 2 days there, I lost him. I called him and he never replied. I was so worried if he thought that I want to throw him away. Then I found him lied and was actually sleeping on the neighbour's car. He had a fever. I took him to the clinic to get treatment and to clean the fungal infection on his ears. I bathed my Itam until clean. I gave tuna instead of Frieskies.

          And then, there were two weeks of school holiday, I decided to take him with me to Seremban. At the middle of our journey, he wanted to urinate. I stopped at R&R Kg. Bemban Utara. He escaped from my hands and ran away to the bushes because he scared to the horns of lorries and busses that stopped there too. I lost him! I couldn't imagine his life in there. I called him, he answered me. The horning began, he ran again until no voice replied me anymore. I left plate of tuna and I started to cry. I cried along the way to Seremban. When I arrived at home, Momma continued to ask about Itam and actually she did not know that I lost Itam in the way home. She did not believe me and found out the Itam's cage was empty.

          I missed him in whole week. In the weekend, I planned to go for Fitri's wedding [UPSI's friend] on Saturday with my sister, Wani and Yayang. I brought his cage together, I wanted to find him in the evening the way to Seremban. Way back home, I stopped at the same place I lost Itam. I called his name, suddenly I heard a voice answering me! He answered me with his funny voice. He came out from the bushes and kept meow-ing. There were wound on his nose. I asked Wani to hold and took him to the car. Wani cried and hugged Itam. She never thought that we will meet Itam there. I called Mama for this good news. The one and only cat that I loved until his lifetime. I could not imagine that the whole week, he was actually waiting for me to pick him up. Poor Itam....

          The end of school holiday, I drove back to Batu Pahat with Itam. In that week, everything was fine. Until in weekend, he did not went home. Usually, I let him out, I never caged him. I tried to find him but never met him. Until one day, about 1 month after his lost, Hidayah [my housemate] storied that actually there were Vietnamese always come to our neighbourhood with a van to find neglected cats and dog for MEAL! Oh Allah. I never imagined that. I didn't lost him, but he was kidnapped to be eaten! I cried a lot but I knew I will never meet him again. I prayed to Allah, to rest him in peace. Love you Itam............

Itam loves sleeping

7----- BEN

I think he is Classic Tabby cat. He is naughty. My brother, Shafiq brought him home. Ben actually was belong to Shafiq's friend. He gave Ben to him. Ben was fatty at that time. His weird and strange behaviour is he likes to lick and smell human's hair. But he is really cute!

Ben with his wierd act

8----- MOK

White cat. She was given by Yayang to me. She has a pair of big yellow eyes with white long-hair. She never left her living house until she moved to my house. She breeds with Itam or Ben maybe and gave birth to first generation, we named her Baby [white female] and a black one [died]. Mok's second generation are Pato [male - white], Lula [mackerel tabby, male], Bolt [female - white same as Mok] and Ally [lost - female]. Now, Mok have her third generation of children. Two is tuxedo kitten and another one is white [all female].

Mok and Itam

9---- BABY

Baby is Mok's first kitten. She is soooo naughty. She does not like to be hold and touched by us. She is white in colour like her mother. Last month, Momma went to the clinic to get a vaccine injection for her. When she was a little kitten, she always playing with Ben.


10---- PATO, LULA, BOLT and ALLY

Pato [male], Bolt [female] and Ally [female] has white fur like her mother. But Lula maybe took his father's gene [maybe Ben] and he got the same fur as Ben. Ally has been missing and we cannot find her. Maybe someone took her. I take Pato to replace my missing of Itam.

Lula and Pato
Pato, Bolt and Lula

P/S; I would like rabbit or hamster to be my pets, but they are too small. Can they understand my feelings like Itam?

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