Saturday, July 24, 2010

1 Tekun

Two days ago, I walked into Kemahiran Hidup workshop, as always, everyday.
I turned to the whiteboard in front. I can see words written on it.

"Cikgu Ruhani bt Mohamad
Kelas 1 Tekun
Cikgu Comel Baik, Cute, Sweet
- Hartika, Syuhaidah
[Kelas 1 Tekun]

It's my class! Wah...
Where is mine? I asked Kak Ani. Kak Ani laughed.
Then, I wrote beside the writing.

"Cekgu Syazana xde ke?
My sign.

On the next day, I walked in the workshop.
Kak Faizah asked me to see the whiteboard.

You guess....

[Click to enlarge image]

P/S ; I am their class teacher this year. I do really love them.

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