Monday, July 26, 2010

Bored Saturday~

I went out with my housemate yesterday to the town.
We were out with the empty stomach and big appetite.
I looked into my purple handbag and I knew I brought the book of coupons.
I got that coupons from my younger brother, Aiman that working in Ayamas.
Hidayah suggesting us to eat pizza. Yum, yum...

We ordered the new pizza [not really new because it is just the same if we ordered the ordinary pan - Super Supreme but this pizza are added by beef ball]. I thought to add up extra cheese but forgotten.
We ate until we're full.

And then, we were having window shopping until I came to this shop.
LIVING CABIN. I'm always love to come to this shop.
The things in there, cards, books, stickers, fancy things and etc made me soooooo excited.
This time, I bought this 'funny guy'. Hahaha. Guess what?
A wooden clown doing hand-stand. We can move it by pressing the bottom of the wood that he stand on.

Then, we bought tickets for a show. Movie. Sorcerer's Apprentice.
This movie is superb! Balthazar [Nicholas Cage] is one of Merlin's apprentices. He recruites this funny, Physic genius guy named Dave [Jay Baruchel] which will become the Prime Merlinean and he will kill Morgana, the biggest enemy of Merlin.

P/S ; By the end of the story, I was imagining myself as the sorcerer. Cool. Hahahaha. I wish I have magic spell.

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