Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Syazananism?

Why Syazananism?

Why Farhanitrate?

Why Prerajulisation?

I believe that to some of our readers these two words must be striking a chord.
Yes, you might have got it. These are the two words coined in a recent Bollywood Movie “3 Idiots”.
This movie released on the last year but I only get chance to watch it last weekend.
I bought it original and I watch it half with Yayang and another half with my housemate.

I really do like this film, even the comedy scene is a lot but the friendship of Ranchoddas or Rancho [Aamir Khan], Raju Rastogi [Sharman Joshi] and Farhan Qureshi [Madhavan] really touched my heart.
They are ready to make sacrifice for someone else.
And, everything you do, you must have passion on it, unless you will never be success.
Those are the good moral that I've learnt from this movie.

Watch it!

P/S; Syazananism is created by my friend, Iqbal Hareez Othman.

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