Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Hobby!

Currently, I am working on my own journal scrapbook.
I am so into it since my school days.
I watched Mean Girls [starring; Lindsay Lohan] and cartoon Up.
Their scrapbooks make me so eager to start it.
And now, I work & have money to buy anything to complete my lifetime journal scrapbook.

I search website about scrapbook, journal scrapbook & copy some images in my hard-disk to assist my concept and ideas in it. I would like to show you some pages that have been completed.


I buy stickers of fonts & fancy, fancy puncher, construction paper, texture paper, wrapping paper, colour pen & pencils, fancy cutter, glue and so on.
I do reuse and recycling my old-cut paper, old magazines, fancy envelopes from Mom's old Ridest Digest and also newspaper.

P/S; I levvvvvvvv ART! My school friends always got my artwork such as cards, poems, letters and they all my handmade!

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