Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friendster-ing, Myspace-ing & Facebook-ing


I started to register on social website in 2002, when I was in matriculation.
At that time, I could access internet 24 hours without paying anything.
I followed some friends to register Friendster.
I continued using Friendster in my Degree studies.
I was so addicted & always tried to get the best layout!
I've learnt CSS by myself & that is good about it.
By the end of 2008, I deleted my account.
Some friends that I still in touch are Dir Kheizmer, Ikram Hakimi, Saufie Ahmad & Anif Asyimi.

After that, I register my Myspace account in 2008.
Momma installed Streamyx at home & I am free to use internet everyday.
And then I went for a practical at Banting. SMK Sg Manggis, the school's name.
I continued my addict & kept online in the morning [if I have no classes].
At that time, someone added me & I approved it after 2 or 3 days after.
And that person is Raja Muhammad Nazrin Shah. He looks like my Paklang.
We have talked in YM [Yahoo Messenger] and in phone chat.

I befriend with some other good friends in Myspace too.
Namely ; Cik Fza, Sis Aniey, En. Faiz, En. Reez, Cik Farah, Cik Ila, En. Ayei, 
Daus, Dodol, and so many.
Many of us have the same interest --> Manchester United!
I signed in Myspace sometimes to play games ; Mafia Wars but now rarely.

Then, I started my Facebook on 2008 maybe.
I just created my own page because at that time, Facebook is started to be famous.
After Myspace been full with youngsters and become soooo boring, I activate my Facebook account.
My Myspace friends following me & create their accounts too.
I enjoy playing Social City and I am at level 34 now!

P/S ; I do have accounts in Hi5, Twitter, Tagged [deleted], Pagii and some others that I forgot, but I am not active user. You will see me often in Facebook. For now. character smileys

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