Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SMS - ruining language?

I have been thinking about what should I write originally without copying any sources.
Suddenly I remembered last night I wrote status in MukaBuku.

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Teens nowadays using words such as "ak" or "aq" to short-forming word "aku", additional alphabets in words such as "jerk" for "je", "sapew" for "siapa", "cyunk" for "sayang" and etc. Is it my instinct as a teacher that really got me on nerve? Or because I hate people ruining Malay language by SMS-ing?

The word "aku" is already short. Why should they cut it to be shorter? Is that person needs a new keyboard [for PC] or keypad [for handphone]? Poor them.

I got sms from my younger brother, and I needed some times to understand the sms. It's not only me having this problems but my friends too. I got friend from MukaBuku that been written about this.

She wrote ; "I'm lost in translation when I chatting with my several friends in Malaysia,the words such as "aq"(aku),nko(engkau),ajew(aje,sounds like "a Jew") etc.,is that SMS makes us more retarded or I'm the one who lacked behind?"

P/S; For words which have no common abbreviation, users most commonly remove the vowels from a word, and the reader is required to interpret a string of consonants by re-adding the vowels e.g. dictionary becomes dctnry and keyboard becomes kybrd. But if there some additional alphabets in it? Damaging and disaster!

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