Thursday, July 22, 2010

A for Art

I love ART.
I can draw the shape of hand, fingers, foot, arms but not face. I hate portrait sketches.
I love sketching, but only on blackboard. I am a bad sketcher on paper. Haha. 
It is maybe because I draw better using chalk than pencil.
However, I love coloring more than drawing. I like to colour a drawing.
But I have no chances to attend any Art class. I wish I studied Art.
So that I do oil painting, draw portraits and teach my students too.

When I was in school, I love cut and paste paper to make cards any goody.

In my work, this year, I teach Art to students Form 2 Tekun. After the first test of Art, I found out that they maybe cannot recognize the name of color, especially, the boys.
They cannot define how to get the secondary colour [purple, orange, green] and tertiary colour.
Sooooo sad. So I asked them to do a scrapbook about colour.
I asked them to redo the simple Colour Wheel.


P/S; The Colour Wheel of mine is different from this. Haha. Should I post it?

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